Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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Une nouvelle vie vient a peine commencer

Chers amis lecteurs,

Je viens juste arriver dans une terre etrangere et nouveau utilisateur de Mac. Il n'est si dur pour moi, je veux vous dire merci aussi pour tous vos commentaires.

Je suis pas en Haiti, mes cours commenceront tres bientot, mais je reste en contact avec mon pays, je vous informe tres bientot, j'ai de nouveaux articles pour vous apropos des paysans de la valee artibonite, la route nationale #1.

Je suis froid, mais je vais bien. La personne a qui j'habite, elle est vraiment une ange, elle est professeur a l'universite.

Je dois remercier mon ami Jeb, il est vraiment super, Peter Philips le president du groupe"Project Censored" a Sonoma State University, CA. Sonoma Sate University, c'est la je vais etudier l'anglais.Je remercie vous tous qui avez contribue d'une facon ou d'une autre, continuez a supporter les journalistes independants, car nous avons soif de la verite, et il nous la faut.

Des mon arrivee a California j'ai ete a Santa Cruz dans un somment reunissant les journalistes independents a travers les USA et autres pays. "Truth Emergency" . La cloche de la verite est sonnee, il faut dire aux gens la verite, car ils l'ont besoin.

Nous, les journalistes independents, malgre les difficultes de toutes sortes, nous sommes appeles a faire ce dur et grand travail.

Loin de mon Pays, mais pret de mon Peuple en esprit.

Wadner Pierre, CA

Santa Cruz Independent Media Summit

Photos by Wadner Pierre

Sunday, January 27, 2008

More Photographs

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University and Journalism in Sonoma, California and Santa Cruz, United States

Project Censored and dozens of other media activist organizations are hosting the Truth Emergency Santa Cruz Media Summit Jan. 25-27 at the UC Convertion Center 611 Ocean Ave. Santa Cruz CA

Santa Cruz Media Strategy Summit

January 25th - 27th, 2008

Publicizing Truths with Consequence
- Independent Media Power vs. the Corporate Coup

Confronting Corporate Control of Our Countries, Cultures and Consciousness

Web Site for this Event: http://www.truthemergency.us

We the undersigned urgently invite the most concerned members of the independent media community (and your brightest friends) to join us in Santa Cruz to reinvent the "free press" in America and resuscitate courageous journalism as a democracy restoring force.

Larisa Alexandrovna, Ed Asner, David Altheide, John Parry Barlow, Dennis Bernstein, Khalil Bendib, Kristina Borjesson, David Cobb, Peter B Collins, Katherine Dodds, Frank Dorrel, Ronnie Dugger, Bonnie Faulkner, Mike Ferner, Robert Fitrakis, Brad Friedman, Richard Greene, David Ray Griffin, Kyle Hence, Naomi Klein, Kalle Lasn, David Lindorff, Janice Mathews, David Mathison, Jason McKain, Ray McGovern, Cynthia McKinney, Kelly Omeara, Peter Phillips , Coleen Rowley, Bryan Sacks, Danny Schechter, John Scott, Barbara Trent, Sarah Ruth van Gelder, Tracy Van Slyke, Elizabeth de la Vega, Aldo Vidali , et al.

· · What role can and should the independent media be playing in our crisis-driven age
- and how can we collaborate to maximize its force?
· · What master narratives should we be focusing on
- how can we best communicate both unspeakable knowledge and emboldening hope?
· · What are the most promising tools and models out there for reporting, distributing, and maximizing
the impact of deeply revelatory news?
· · What are the most credible transformative goals we as a community can target in the political circus of 2008?
· · How can we develop a collaborative infrastructure to supplant the corporate media and strengthen all our work?
· How can we support each other? How can we support ourselves?

Short briefings will be offered on these topics by experts in each field, but all participants are responsible for the outcome because we still don't have the answers we need.

Leading media activists, A/V producers, authors, bloggers, journalists, scholars, whistleblowers, celebrities, publishers, broadcasters and funding angels.

Ø Gather key media constituencies needed to inject trans-formative truths into 2008 political news and electoral debate ;
Ø Honor brave audacious "truth war veterans" (casualties & survivors) and learn from their experiences.
Ø Devise coherent decentralized models for distribution of suppressed news, synergistic truth-telling, and collaborative strategies to popularize deeper historical narratives.
Ø Strategize collective action that establishes independent news media as a realistic and viable substitute for corporate news, and diminishes the domination of Fox, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, and the mainstream newswires

Bring your best ideas, an open mind, and an urgent desire for change. In sum, we hope to discover in this moment of Constitutional crisis, ecological peril and widening war, if a roomful of top investigative journalists, whistleblowers and Indy-media all-stars can transform the way Americans perceive and defend their world.