Thursday, March 20, 2008

Discover Jacmel

Discover Jacmel

Founded in 1698, Jacmel (in kreyol Jakmel) is one of the beautiful cities in Haiti, it is located in the southern of Haiti, and is also the capital of Southern department.

Moreover, Jacmel is named the Cultural capital of Haiti cause its attraction touristic, its traditional carnival, the traditional celebration of its Saints Patron who are St. Philips and St. Jacques every May first, this day is the Labor Day in Haiti, Jacmel is a quiet, clean safe city. The Jacmelians (the Jacmel citizens) are very friendly and respectful people, everybody is always ready to help on the streets, the security is strict, and it is very organized city

Furthermore, going to Jacmel is the easier thing, from the Haiti’s capital you have many choices, bus you’ll run for two hours, private car for one half hour and air plane thirty five minutes, the feeling is in the bus or in the private car, you will have a chance to discover a new Haiti, you’ll run in the mountains, and in the bottom of the mountains you’ ll appreciate the nice view of the Leogane’s valley where there are the biggest Sugar canne farms. When you arrive in Jacmel, the common transportation is very simple, the motocycledriver will approach you themselves and will ask you: “where do you want to go” because there are may place you can go, the down town of Jacmel to buy the artisanal products, Raymond Lesbain’s beach to enjoy your day into warmer ocean, to eat built fish or grilled fish with grilled bananas and “Picklize”(kind of salad made peppers, cabbage, the liquid of lemon and little bit salt is very spicy, but it tastes good).

Finally, i invite you to discover Jacmel, the cultural capital of Haiti you won’t disappear. Let’s go to JACMEL.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sonoma State University

This is a link that can allow you to know what happened in SSU a few nights ago. You can see the gallery online here. I am at SSU for a few months doing a program in journalism and then returning to Haiti.