Friday, May 23, 2008

A new philosophy to have success in your life; that is the title of my letter to my friend Jean-Claudel in Haiti

Dear friend this my message to you

I am so happy to read your message this morning. By the way, I hope you can see what you can do and what you have to do. At the time you can arrive to identify by yourself a new strategy or a new approach to save yourself and others, you will receive the light of God. God never wants to see any of his sons suffers, but people everyday make the world so hard, just to make money.
I truly believe that you will find an exit door my friend. I am now in my way, I receive my result from TOEFL, it is not so good, but I can tell you I am happy and so happy because I know what my English level is and what should be my preoccupation in the next coming years. Therefore, it was a failure, whichever never learns by his failure or his mistake won't be able to bring his own philosophy because your philosophy is your own life, your daily experience.
Furthermore, I must tell you my friend,"Never letting them rest" Gandhi. everything has its own time on this earth, Ecclasiastes. A time to follow and a time to be followed by.Booker T. Washington a famous American writer said,"Let no man pull you so low as to make you hate him", you have to know what I mean to know which door you gonna knock and will open for you. Don't believe in anybody, believe in yourself, period. I used to believe in what the older said, but now I believe first in what I can do, tell and stand up behind it.
Finally, I have to go, but you have to know something about your friend, right. Six years ago, I met ChristiD at this time she was so cute and so pretty, but she couldn't keep loving me, it doesn't matter. My education is the only support that I really count on. Now she is not my girlfriend, whereas nobody knows the future. At least, Anne-ChristeD, after six-year without talking and seeing, one week ago I found, she's not my returning girlfriend, but we can talk and exchange our ideas. After my 25th, I will tell you or if I won't be able to tell you, trust me the history will do that.

Bye, have great day.

"Don't spend your all life as a follower of a man, what is he now you can be more than that tomorrow, just go on your own way" Wadner Pierre

"Look around you and see if in this way you want to live,if it is not stand up for your right."BobandWad

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why is it important sometimes for people to break the law?

An analysis by: Wadner Pierre

Born on 12 July 1817, Henry David Thoreau a famous American author wrote this sentence, “Sometimes it is important for honest men to break the law, particularly when it is against freedom.” Moreover, the young Indian lawyer Mohandas Gandhi conceived a philosophy that is closely linked to Thoreau’s idea. This is called “Nonviolence.” Three things can be considered to fight against bad laws nonviolent Philosophy, civil disobedience and love.
Nonviolent philosophy is the first step to win the opponents without using violence as they use it, so the reason is because violence begets violence, hate begets hate and love begets love. This philosophy is physically passive, but strongly active spiritually. The nonviolence movement means “ Holding on truth or devotion to the truth, ”Truth’s disciples you cannot use violence against your opponents because you are God’ sons or God’s daughters, and the name of your God is love. This part is called ” Nonviolent Movement.”
Another step, civil disobedience, allows your opponents to see how important you are for him. For example, the salt march led by Gandhi in India shocked the British colonizers because the salt represented at that time an economic source for them, and the march allowed people to know that they could provide salt by themselves. So economically they won and the opponents had no choice but to negotiate and to give people what they asked for. This part is called “ Boycott Movement.”
Finally, love is the biggest and the most difficult part because how can you ask people to love those who hate them? Well, normally you should say it is impossible. However, it is possible for those who aspire to be free without meeting hate with hate, but rather meeting hate with love. Martin Luther King said, “ The best way to assure one-self that love is disinterested is to love the enemy-neighbor from whom you can expect no good in return, but only hostility and persecution. The struggle for freedom is a struggle between white people and black people, rather than between the force of light and the force of darkness, and if we will have a victory, it will be not a black victory, but a victory for justice and the forces of light.” This part is named ”Meet Hate with Love.”
Thus, I am convinced by Thoreau’s idea that “it is important sometimes for the honest men to break the law, when it is against freedom”, and human rights I would add if I were him.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

California Educators protest State Buget Cuts

In May 15th, 2008 at Santa Rosa Sonoma county teachers, professors, students all went there to protest against the State Budget Cuts. One of the protesters said, "California is only State which doesn't take tax from the Oil Companies, and if California were a country it would be the only country in the world which does not take tax from the Oil Companies." children held the advertisements which said,"Children first", and the slogan was "No cutting Education Fund, yes fort the increasing of Education Fund."" One of the student from Santa Rosa Junior College said, " What can we be expected for the next coming years if the State cuts the fund for public school, State University. so forth. Without Education our State will not be a good State because Education is the future of our State".
Moreover, the organizations of Educators said they will keep protesting until the State will be satisfied their protests, "It not the first and either the last." according to one of the professors.
If education is a key which is opened all of the doors, the Californian people believe in that and stand for that.

Wadner Pierre

Interview on the Jean Dominique Investigation in Haiti

Here is a new interview by Jeb in the Journal of Haitian Studies with Brian Concannon and Mario Dupuy on the Jean Dominique Investigation. For anyone interested in Jean Dominique this is a very important piece to read.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lovinsky Pierre Antoine - Still Missing After Nine Months

By: Wadner Pierre and Jean-Ristil Jean Baptiste -
Photos by: Wadner Pierre

Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, a prominent human rights worker and Famni Lavalas activist, has been missing since August 12, 2007. He is the founder of Trant Septanm Organizasyon (September 30 Foundation) an organization that assists victims of the coup that took place September 30th, 1991. That coup ousted Haiti's first democratically elected Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide only seven months after his inauguration. According to human rights groups there were five thousand people killed by the military regime of Raul Cedras. Thousands were also raped and tortured by the Cedras regime, and hundreds of thousands driven into hiding.

Pierre-Antoine worked with many national and international human rights organizations to promote the rights of all people, particularly the right to justice. The perpetrators of the 1991 coup (the Haitian elite and their ex-military allies) gradually regrouped and in 2004 managed to overthrow Aristide again - this time with the overt backing of the US, France and Canada. In October 2005, at the first “International Tribunal on Haiti” that investigated the 2004 coup, Pierre-Antoine explained to an audience of hundreds in Washington how he had been arrested, assaulted and expelled from the country by authorities at the U.S. embassy in Port-au-Prince.

Pierre-Antoine returned to Haiti after the presidential election of February 7th, 2006, which was won by Aristide protege Rene Gracia Preval. Lovinsky Peirre-Antoine was vocal in his demands for justice for the victims of the 2004 coup and for the return of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Shortly before his disappearance, Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine was scheduled to visit the south of Haiti with an international human rights delegation, Fondasyon Mapou, which is run by Eugenia Charles. Part of the visit to southern Haiti was to include a visit with then political prisoner Rene Civil. Pierre-Antoine had also just announced his intention to run as a Fanmi Lavalas candidate in the upcoming round of parliamentary elections in Haiti.

Lovinsky’s family has struggled to keep Lovinsky's case in the media spot light, but they haven't been alone. The kidnapping has rallied organizers in Haiti as well as solidarity activists abroad. In November, 2007 actor Danny Glover and other activists organized a 24-hour fast to call attention to Pierre Antoine’s disappearance. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch drew criticism from people around the world for their lethargic response to the case.

Human Rights Watch finally devoted two short sentences to the case in its 2008 World Report. Amnesty International did much better - albeit more than four months after Pierre-Antoine's disappearance. Amnesty issued a press release about the case on December 20, 2007, and also called on Haitian authorities to protect Wilson Mesilien, Pierre-Antoine's colleague at the September 30 Foundation (and also one of its founders), who had received numerous death threats. Amnesty followed up with another statement on January 10, 2008 after Mesilien and his family were driven into hiding. Haitian and UN authorities had ignored requests to protect Mesilien.

On April 6, 2008, Even Evel Fanfan, founder of the Haitian human rights group AUMOHD (Association des Unversitaires Movités pour une Haiti des Droits) was asked by Darren Ell (in an interview for HaitiAnalysis) if the case of Pierre Antoine and Wilson Mesilien indicates a new trend. Fanfan replied:

"No. This happens often is Haiti. We are however very disappointed in the case of Lovinsky. International mobilization was weak and the Government of Haiti has not taken this case seriously enough."