Sunday, December 23, 2007

Is this really Christmas?


Wadner Pierre

Christmas is a celebration of sharing love, solidarity, and reconciliation, with the artists singing, which is often conducted in the popular mind.

With this sentence we wonder too, who celebrates Christmas in a country as Haiti, the poorest country in the American continent. It continues to go through a horrible and inhuman situation, despite the efforts of these people. Filling the duties of citizens, saves the streets to demand respect for their votes. It should be the duty of the government, Ministers, Secretaries of State to relieve the misery of its those people with the most terrible and miserable lifes.

The diaspora despite its effort was unable meet the needs of its relatives, why not? A population that depends directly on the Haitian diaspora has received for the time some aid from the eleventh department, a gesture, but we hear sighs, grinding teeth, commodity prices. The initial necessitated continues to climb. Is this a conspiracy against the people one might wonder? Where are the forces of the nation, including: the church, especially the Catholic church (which is the official religion of this country), the economic sector, or the Haitian bourgeoisie as they say..?

For several years, children from the poorest neighborhoods were accustomed to receiving toys from the Haitian presidency under the government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Today they complain because of a dissatisfaction and the backwardness of the Ministry of Social Affairs in this case.

But this year, it seems even worse, despite statements by authorities, we see nothing new. Even with an elected government again.

"On the wings of time the sadness flies and the time brings pleasure."

This Friday, December 21, 2007 upon attending the Bel'Air, Delmas 4, Lassaline and in an orphanage located in Tabarre 16, the distribution of toys and food to children, I saw that parents lacked the money to provide their children with even a small gift for Christmas. A Brazilian contingent and a group of different national units from MINUSTAH, accompanied by the artist compas North KinoMorsa and King Kino, handed out some gifts.

According to one official, the soldiers contributed to provide gifts to the children of the poor districts. So can we say that MINUSTAH knows better than the government of Haiti of the misery of children with disabilities and poor? Is MINUSTAH more responsible then the Haitian government, even after its Jordanian and Brazilian units wounded and killed so many in the poor neighbors?

The children we met felt they would like to receive more, the small tokens from the UN troops were appreciated but only a token.

The words that reflect the beauty of the events achieved this one day in the middle of the poorest people is the cooling of a debate. One year is gone and another is coming, what it will bring for the Haitian people? A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Haiti is my darling and we hope for peace, love, health and prosperity for all Haitian people.
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