Friday, May 23, 2008

A new philosophy to have success in your life; that is the title of my letter to my friend Jean-Claudel in Haiti

Dear friend this my message to you

I am so happy to read your message this morning. By the way, I hope you can see what you can do and what you have to do. At the time you can arrive to identify by yourself a new strategy or a new approach to save yourself and others, you will receive the light of God. God never wants to see any of his sons suffers, but people everyday make the world so hard, just to make money.
I truly believe that you will find an exit door my friend. I am now in my way, I receive my result from TOEFL, it is not so good, but I can tell you I am happy and so happy because I know what my English level is and what should be my preoccupation in the next coming years. Therefore, it was a failure, whichever never learns by his failure or his mistake won't be able to bring his own philosophy because your philosophy is your own life, your daily experience.
Furthermore, I must tell you my friend,"Never letting them rest" Gandhi. everything has its own time on this earth, Ecclasiastes. A time to follow and a time to be followed by.Booker T. Washington a famous American writer said,"Let no man pull you so low as to make you hate him", you have to know what I mean to know which door you gonna knock and will open for you. Don't believe in anybody, believe in yourself, period. I used to believe in what the older said, but now I believe first in what I can do, tell and stand up behind it.
Finally, I have to go, but you have to know something about your friend, right. Six years ago, I met ChristiD at this time she was so cute and so pretty, but she couldn't keep loving me, it doesn't matter. My education is the only support that I really count on. Now she is not my girlfriend, whereas nobody knows the future. At least, Anne-ChristeD, after six-year without talking and seeing, one week ago I found, she's not my returning girlfriend, but we can talk and exchange our ideas. After my 25th, I will tell you or if I won't be able to tell you, trust me the history will do that.

Bye, have great day.

"Don't spend your all life as a follower of a man, what is he now you can be more than that tomorrow, just go on your own way" Wadner Pierre

"Look around you and see if in this way you want to live,if it is not stand up for your right."BobandWad

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