Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Article on Jubilee USA

Read the new HaitiAnalysis article here: Jubilee USA Demands Cancellation of Poor Country Debt.


Hispanolano said...
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Hispanolano said...
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Hispanolano said...

HAITI'S CHANGE: The Plain And Simple Targeted Demographic.
The Haitian Diasporas, The Elites, The Artists, The Haitian Media And Their Roles.
By Wilgeens "AfroLatino" Rosenberg.

The Haitian Diasporas living abroad, the Haitian Artists nor the rich Elites of Haiti have not been pro-active enough in tackling the problems of Haiti. They can make better efforts to work together to approach Haiti's issues and fix some problems. Only they have the means and can change the dynamic of the many challenges Haiti faces economically, socially and politically. There needs to be more promotion for this dialogue in the Haitian media abroad and to those Haitian Communities abroad.

Now is the time Haitian presidents need to engage in more Public Relation talk and direct radio addresses in communicating to the mass population of Haiti reassuring them of what is being done generally in the country. Especially with all those proclaimed funds in aid that are promised to enter the Country once there is a managing Government. Haitian Government officials need to start sending out more direct and constant Communiques to the Haitians living abroad as well in engaging them to partake in the changes Haiti needs. These officials must pay more attention to the criticisms, analysis and concerns as well as the new ideas, suggestions and recommendations that many great Haitians in Haiti and abroad have by holding frequent Broadcasted live Hall meetings periodically and regularly. In other words, the Haitian Government and its officials can do a better job using the Internet media to spread their goals, intentions and weekly or even monthly improvement updates of what is taking place in the Country more often. That will generate a better and greater sense of trust, confident and popular support from the Haitian people in knowing their Government is actually at work working for them. It appears that many Haitians are without a clue what is happening to Haiti, or maybe they do have many clues but feel they are not being included in their Country's politics for change and the lack of togetherness as a people is surely contributing to the deterioration of the lovely Country.

Without a good sense of true realization to the facts of the actual problems of Haiti or with the constant denials and disrespect for Haiti by its very own citizens as a Country is what is causing Haiti to lose ground of recognition in the face of the rest of the world which taps right into the confidence, conscience psyche of younger generation of Haitians to come to grow up not to care for Haiti themselves. Beside Wyclef Jean, these Haitian youths are being raised and grow up to not having any exemplary figures as role models in their communities or societies whether in Haiti or abroad. They have no one to amass inspiration or aspiration from or to even look up to as role models. Surely there are many stars living in the United States of America also in many other parts of the world for that matter that are Haitian whom could actually stand for something in helping out in the causes and plights Haiti faces as a nation. Yet all these kids are getting are the negative images, the negative issues and crisis of the Country and they are gaining nothing morally cultural from those nowadays useless politicians, diasporas, elite Haitians and the Haitian media. All these sectors do not give a "Diddilli Squat" about the Nation nor do they share a common love for Country. Thus is why these youngsters are growing up without any proper education about Haiti and without any sense of true love and civic duty for the country.

The re-institution, of a modern and improved HAITIAN ARMED FORCES is a major must for Haiti and could serve as a form of hope for Haiti's future generations since those given and named sectors are not fulfilling their obligation. Thus this new Army would serve as an engineering corp kind of Army where kids could start taking part in the construction, development of their country. Assuringly make no mistakes about it, without any institution of role model for future youths to look up to, they too will grow up not caring about the nation and will always see their pockets before the need of the Country just like those current ungrateful incompetent mediocre politicians and many unpatriotic selfish Haitians are doing today.

P.S: Haiti could have greater relations with the Dominican Republic if ever one day I hope, but with the lack of pro-activeness and initiative on the Haitian government such a possibility may now seem a bit unlikely that given the known history and now social tension between the two great sovereign Nations but there is hope always for peace as the Haitian people must find their own peace and justice from within first to gain the respect and inclusion they seek in the world from the rest of the world primarily with next door neighbor the Dominican Republic for a greater Hispaniola.

arachesostufo said...

peace and freedom from italy


Haitian4ever said...
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Haitian4ever said...

I am so glad you said that however, I disagree 100%. The Haitian Diasporas living abroad, the Haitian Artists and the rich Elites of Haiti are the ones carrying Haiti on they backs. It is an up hill battle for them since most of the poor are on Haiti’s back sucking it dry. All they know how to do is work for the enemy and overthrow they own government.

They want to run the streets crying “la vi che” but who is directly to blame they cause instability in the country. Who is committing crime making it unsafe in the city streets, not The Haitian Diasporas living abroad, the Haitian Artists nor the rich Elites of Haiti. If you were taking a stroll down the streets at night in Haiti who would you rather come across?

They are very unpatriotic they want the government to help them but not only they are not helping them selves but they are making it virtually impossible for the government to implement change.

The only way they will be change is when we admit to the truth and face it.

Haitian4ever said...

when you really analyze our situation we don’t have any more rich elites in Haiti because you ingrates been driving them out of the country since 1986. Now all we have is the middle class trying to make the best of a bad situation. As for the Artists, you unpatriotic ingrates don’t support Haitian artists like you should you rather support foreign artist. There for they don’t make enough money to fight your cause. Don’t sit on your butt and expect others to perform a miracle for you. Instead of biting the hand that feeds you help them help you.

“L’union Fait La Force.”