Monday, September 8, 2008

Gonaives and the rest of Haiti need your help now

People everywhere in the globe, listen the voice of people in Gonaives and in the rest of Haiti. It is hard and it's really hard a sit can be for people. As a Haitian and a Gonaivian man I am very concern, I ask you my brothers and sisters in the world to help my relatives there in the way you can. Haiti is not the most hit by the hurricanes, but we are the most victimized people, cause our political leaders most of them don't care about people live. They care about themselves and they families. Those who want to improve live; they often plot against them and keep the country in perpetual instability politic, that is the way they make money. The loss of sight is more humane than the one presented by the authorities. How they can pretend determine the number of death and disappeared people while they do not have any infrastructures to reach them. After four years, which road has been rebuilt in Gonaives? Therefore, they are happy to steal the money and the aids that people deserve. Once gain, they do not put the real problem of Haiti on the table, particularly Gonaives, where the level of the ocean is higher than the land. Nobody cannot forget what happened in New Orleans in 2005, even this city was protected by levees and after the levees broke, you could see how ravaged was New Orleans by floodwater. Then Gonaives before and after Jeanne the just passed Hanna was not and is not protected by levees. And the worst is, no plan to prevent or to protect the city from another natural disaster as this of Jeanne and Hanna.

Now talking about those who called themselves Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) who received the most important amount of money to rebuild Gonaives city after unforgettable hurricane Jeanne 2004 eight months after most of them in collaboration with the bourgeoisie class in Haiti worked as the representatives of their own governments to kill democracy in Haiti by overthrowing the democratially-elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Political disaster, natural disaster, the funny thing is by these kinds of disasters they made or make their profits because they are not honest enough to say enough for those people, they are enough suffered, time to them relieve. Why not, they don't called themselves Mr. Mrs. disasters which is fit them.

Coming back to school this afternoon, I read a letter posted online on the web site of Partners in Health (PIH) by a famous American doctor who has been working close of people in Haiti, precisely those who live in the country side, those they often call "moun andeyò or peyizan in Creole" (people living out of city or peasants) just to marginalize them. 25 years ago, Dr. Paul Farmer, the co-founder "Zami Lasante (ZL) in Creole"(Partners In Health (PIH) in English) has been spending time with to get to know the reality of Haitian people live everyday. He gets it, and becomes one of the foreign witnesses and spokesmen in the world of them by writing books, articles and presenting speeches. I invite to read this letter on, and you'll get it because "Dr. Polo as well-known among the Haitian peasants" says Dr. Paul visited Gonaives after the devastated tropical storm Hanna, he will tell you what he saw there. Time to act; it is also time to share to each other little that you have. Remember wherever you are now there is country needs your help, there are people live in Island who are waiting for you extraordinary supports, little it could be.

God bless Haiti, particularly Gonaives, my city.

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