Sunday, May 3, 2009

Living the Dream

By Sarah LadY, Sonoma State University

The passion and motivation come from the heart for Wadner Pierre, an independent journalist and an all-around inspiring person. Interesting is an understatement to describe Wadner. He is good-hearted, true and dedicated. It is clearly present in his daily life and all the work he does. He is very thankful and blessed for everything he has been given. His life is about using his writing to spread the truth. Most of his writing is influenced by his home country of Haiti, but he also writes on other issues that affect everyone. He wants to increase awareness and give perspective to the world.

Born in 1983 in the city of Gonaives in the Artibonite province of Haiti. Wadner has eight half brothers and sisters. He is currently visiting California from his home in Port-au-Prince, where he writes for the Inter Press Service and other independent news outlets. He is a co-founder and contributor to, a media collective of young journalists from Haiti, the United States and abroad. In 2007, he won an award from Project Censored for his outstanding coverage of the largely overlooked conflicts currently taking place in Haiti. Many of Wadner’s photos are used in magazines throughout the world, such as Human Rights Network Magazine. During his time here in Sonoma county, he has had articles in the Bay View Newspaper, Press Democrat, and different Sonoma State University mediums. Although, Wadner has not been in the journalist field for long, he has received more awards and accomplishments than some do in a lifetime.

Wadner is very dedicated to his family, friends, and pursuing his dreams. He is focused on all of those important aspects of his life. Belief in himself, and God has helped, guided him to where he is today. It is hard for the citizens of Haiti to break free from their routine and live outside the normal lifestyle. Wadner has proven to do more than just separate himself from the rest, but create a successful and fulfilling life.

Besides writing, Wadner enjoys insightful conversation with interesting people, biking, and thinking. On his days off, he likes to engage in church activities and hangout with friends. Since, he’s began his career as a independent journalist only two years ago, he has already experienced a world full of adventure. He has traveled to many different places, met many interesting people, and made many lasting memories. He is very happy and excited with where his life is leading him. He is so appreciative to be able to travel and continue his true passion. Wadner is motivated for the future and all the journeys he will experience. He likes to take one day at a time and knows things will workout the way God intends them to.

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