Monday, June 29, 2009

Reverend, Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste's Funeral in Haiti, in Photo

By Wadner Pierre

It was crowded and people came to celebrate his life as you asked them to do when he died, but this celebration had been with tearfully and painfully, from Port-Au-Prince to Cavillon, the late priest hometown people cried, and could not resist even the Fr. Jean-Juste asked them to do not cry when he passed away. That was a big loss for those who loved and will continue to love him, and for the entire Haiti, people were from all over the country to celebrate the life this Icon, "I will never forget him," said a young woman while she was crying inf font of the church in Cavaillon.

Although, UN soldiers killed a man who came to celebrate the passing away of Fr. Jean-Juste, he was wearing a t-shirt that had Fr, Gerry's photo on it. Poeple cried justice for him and for Fr. Jean-Juste, because they believed the death of the late priest had begun while he was jailing two times 2004 and 2005-2006.
The story is coming...

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