Sunday, December 27, 2009

Going to Raymond Lesbains Beach, Jacmel, Haiti

Article and photos by Wadner Pierre

Raymond Lesbains is located at approximately ten miles from east Jacmel City. Going to Raymond Lesbains is always a joy and pleasure for people who like enjoying the nature. When deciding to go to Raymond Lesbains, many choices are available for transportation, taking a tap tap or mini bus, riding your bike, or riding with a motorcycle taxi driver to go faster.    
On the road to Raymond Lesbains, you will see the rising and falling of the ocean while driving, people working on their farms, children playing football, and little businessmen and businesswomen selling their products across the road, which is common in any town of Haiti.
However, the most interesting part of Raymond Lesbains is the Raymond Lesbains Beach. Thousands of national and international tourists make a trip to  Raymond Lesbains Becah every year. The attracting soft sand makes Raymond Lesbain Beach one of the most frequented beaches in the southeast department. Tourists line up at the bust station with their swimming clothes waiting for the next bus coming for their safety, whereas native Jacmelians prefer to ride with a motorcycle taxi driver for their convenience and rapidness.

 At the beach, people sell good food, which makes people’s mouths water. In addition, Raymond Lesbains Becah is perfect for families because the water is clear and not too deep. People say that is hard to go to Raymond Lesbain and come back with money, because the grilled and boiled fish taste so good, the Haitian bee, Prestige, is so enjoyable to drink, the green coconut water keeps you fresh while sitting in the hot sand. Women walk on the soft sand looking wonderful and sexy in their bikinis.  A broken-hearted man may sometimes encounter a new loved one, because broken-hearted women go, too, to Raymond Lesbains Beach seeking for a new love one.
Raymond Lesbains, a place people going to enjoy and admire the nature, is one of the well-known beaches in southeastern department. Being at Raymond Lesbains Beach for a couple hours is like living in another planet. The sunshine brings joy into people’s hearts, and the sunset makes people feel sad and incapable to leave the beach. However, some people bring their tents and spend their weekend at the beach.

Anyone visiting Raymond Lesbains Beach cannot wait to come back again. So anyone planning to go or visit Haiti should not forget to go swimming in this beautiful beach in the southeastern Haiti, Raymond Lesbains.

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