Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Black Monday, Gonaives Underwater

Wadner Pierre
 Faced by two hurricanes, Gustav and Hanna, and a tropical storm Fay for at least three weeks, Haiti was the hardest hit country in the Caribbean countries in the American continent. The three tropical storms devastated the country from north to south and east to west. More than 1000 people died and more than 800,000 are hopeless, living without shelters, but that does not make sense. Gonaives has the important death and hopeless number.
Gonaives the third largest city of Haiti is located in the northern Haiti at 153 kilometers from the Capital, which is Port-au-Prince with a population of more than 300, 000. Four years ago, in 2004, Gonaives was hit by the hurricane Jeanne. Gonaives faced another devastating hurricane from Sunday night to the morning of Monday.
September 1st .It was painfully hard and catastrophically unbelievable to see the entire city underwater, where people lost hope and asked if they will be able to restart a new life. “No hope for us” said an inhabitant in Gonaives to a photojournalist reporter. I, as a native of Gonaives, have my mother, my father there. My mother is more vulnerable than my father because she lives in the city. I know that. I called her first, she said to me,  ”My son your mother is actually on the rooftop of the house that I don’t know to whom it belongs to.” My heart broke down and the situation that she was facing was the same situation that everybody there was facing. The news had a lot to say about Haiti, particularly Gonaives. The Associated Press (AP), first read said, Gonaives is that they said exactly. ”After four years faces to one of the dead devastated natural disaster, hurricane Hanna.” The Mayor of the city, Mr. Stephen Moise said to AP “The hurricane is worst as it can, I appeal for, immediate help” on the other hand the police chief “ I already saw 10 flooding bodies, it s hard”. No one can say more than that, it is terrible, catastrophic and awful.
However, they may be asked, where is the money given to rebuild Gonaives after hurricane Jeanne? Why, after four years has not at least one road been rebuilt? And what is the real problem or the real threat that challenges Gonaives? The level of the Ocean is higher than the level of the dry land that means we need to put levees around the coast to protect the city from the water of the ocean. Further, the corrupted people or the weakened people who took away the money belonged to people and to rebuild the city, they have to be judged, put them in jail and pressure them to give back the money that they stole.
A black Monday should not be inscribed in the story of Gonaives, unfortunately, it is already written down. Peace to the hundreds and thousands of souls in Haiti and also to the world- third countries because they are vulnerable economically, and that is the reason they are the most victimized people each time there is a natural disaster.
I conclude my analysis with a quote from famous Bob Marley “Don’t worry about the thing, ‘cause everything gonna be alright.”

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