Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Haiti Flawed and Undemocratic Elections Confirmed

 Photos by Wadner Pierre
Hoping the CEP, UN and the Haitian Government have courage to say this is my fault. Haitian people deserve better and much better than the flawed. Massive fraud, irregularities and low-turnout that what marked the Nov. 28 Presidential and Legislative Elections in Haiti. I took these at the Poll Station, Building 2004, Delmas the former 'Haitian military aviation.' It was about 1:30 when a group of protesters came and chanted "if they don't let s vote, we will put fire." They held the photos of Presidential Candidate Michel Martely.

There were Haitian police officers at the building. UN/Israelite and Italian special forces were one  or two minutes from the poll station.

 Even the low participation of Haitian voters in these controversial elections, those who went to vote had difficulties to find their names. But they found the names of their neighbors who died in the Janv. 12 earthquake. In many cases, particularly Cite Soleil, voters were forced or pressured to vote against their will. " They took my ballot and beat me up because I refused to vote for Jude Celestin," said Resume, a voter in Cite Soleil while crying. Mr. Resume's situation was similar to many other voters.

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