Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The oldest Ogou's three in Souvenance/Gonaives, and so forth


This tree is located at Souvenance, a small twon of Gonaives.Gonaives is the the capital of Artibonite's department. I went to Souvenance for one day just to visit my parents, because they live there and I used to leave there when I was a little boy. I left there when I was eleven, but it always pleases me to go each time is possible. My mother Andrena, she lives in the city of Gonaives. Nevertheless, for me, i prefer spending my time out of the city to see my old friends, my father and some of my grand parents who are still alive.
This tree represents many generations of my area. No doubt, Souvenance represents the capital of Voodoo in Haiti. Voodoo is our traditional culture, they have big Voodoo's ceremony for one week every Easter for one week, this ceremony attracts more people, natives than strangers.National medias than International medias.
So far, if you want to know more about Voodoo or the mean Haitian Cult, go there and you will be told the story of each "Lwa"(pronouncing loa in English) the spirits that people believe in and worship.
Finally, before your going there, i would like you know Some Lwas (loas)'names like Danbala, Ogou Feray, Ezili Danto, ZakaMede, Ogou, Madam Lenba, so forth.

Wadner Pierre
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Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that you are from Souvenance, a locality rich with many souvenirs. Souvenance is a Dahomeyan Courtyard where Voodoo followers worship Dahomeyan Spirits from Benin in West Africa. This is my courtyard and I will go there to visit to revive the Voodoo Roots. We will never be the slaves of the french people anymore...