Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Chrous Feu d'Amour of Siante Claire's Parish celebrated its 14th anniversary


The chorus Feu d'Amour celebrated on 2 Sunday December 2007 its 14th anniversary, the Archbishop of Port-Au-Prince, Joseph Serge Miot headed this mass, according after this celebration Bishop Miot Said,"It is a tradition to me to open the church's year with you here,Sainte Claire's Paris. Moreover, Feu d'Amour celebrates in the same date". Sainte Claire's Parish is located in the hill nothern Delmas Country, Ti Plas Kazo is the name of the small city.
When you take air plan you can see the Saint Claire's painting in the east side. Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste is a pastor. He has done a good work, this Parish knew its great progress with him. There are two chorus, "Notre Dame de Lamercie"(Our Lady of Mercy) and other groups.
It might be noticed the feeling program for the neediest people supported by WhatIf?Foundation(www.whatiffoundation.org) directed by Mrs. Margaret Trost and it is also Fr.Jean-Juste's dream. Through his work human being has a big place .

At least, when you are in Saint Claire's hill you have a good view of International Airport of P-Au-P. Children, young and adults are so kind,they are such a wonderful people. Welcome to Sainte Claire's Parish of TiPlas Kazo.

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