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The people of Haiti Thank Our Lady of Perpetual Help for 125 Years


The people of Haiti thank Our Lady of Perpetual Help for all her years.

The years 1882-2007 marks 125 years of the miraculous healing of the Haitian people from the scourge of Verette that ravaged the country at that time. According to what we have learned, the bishops gathered in prayer with the faithful at Bel'Air in the Chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, asking for the issue that people who perished of this epidemic, and grace dropped from the sky all the people who were infected with this disease be cured.

Today 65 years, from 1942-2007, marks the official consecration of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, first under President Elie Lescot, a mulatto.

According to historical testimony, there had been a kind of hunt against Voodoo priests (this movement was Defeated) in the country. Contempt of voodoo, as if this confession of faith prevented the country to go on the voice of progress, but 65 years later why do we celebrate this date? At that time the sons and daughters of Haiti who practiced Voodoo had difficulty to explain why, many of them are the black and the president of that time was a mulatto and the current president of the Haitian Conference of Bishops Mgr. Louis Kébreau is also a mulatto and often harshly criticized the Aristide government democratically elected by the people. These same wealthy high religious authorities never on a single day, during the reign of defacto Latrotue government, lifted a finger to condemn abuses against the poor people.

From this we can see this commemoration as an important date in the history of the people, marking the continued exclusion of the poorest in the Haitian society. But members of the Catholic Church in Haiti and other religions have walked on several streets of the Haitian capital wearing shirts with the image of Our Lady Perpetual of Help this Saturday, December 8 opportunity to celebrate Queen Mary Immaculate Conception. They were several thousands marched and prayed, leaving the chapel of Our Lady Perpetual of Help of Bel'Air, received by the President of the Republic Mr. Rene Garcia Preval at National Palace, it can be said that National Palace, it was a purely symbolic gesture, because it was only the Bishops, priests, journalists and members of organizers were able to access in the courtyard of the National Palace, remained largely outside in prayer.

Before the porch their was a dedication to the Virgin Mary. A plaque recalls the bad date. Arriving at Sylvio Castor our closing Mass of the day would be celebrated by more than ten Haitian Bishops and the Representative of the Pope, the Apostolic Mario Jordana, the representative of the Haitian Episcopal Bishop of Central Department, Hinche's Louis Kebreau, delivered the message of circumstance to call for the people to demand the government take its responsibility in hand, condemn corruption, drug trafficking. These authorities seem to want to address the present government. One wonders if it is no longer a sign of a coming event in the country?

Here is an extract of the speech of the President of Haitian Episcopal Conference, Bishop, Louis Kébreau, which is both liturgical and political:

"Mary is pleased to see you are the recognizing people, you walked in peace and dignity. Today people walked, he wants the freedom we see that there are really blockages, which is why we are asking the government to take seriously its responsibility to help the people who want to move forward, the help themselves out in insecurity, unemployment, corruption and the people need to take the true path and not the path of drugs. Where his children crying and mothers who pay for the soul, and the children have no models to follow. There is a social injustice that hangs over this nation, which is likely to lose its dignity, a people so proud of himself. Who is the cause? ".

For the corruption that the President of the Episcopal Haitian spoke, one wonders whether the Church itself is not an accomplice, when the church asked openly driving members of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), which surrounds almost CEP by corrupt people. This corrupt epidemic within this Council has been shown by numerous journalist reports.

Later he spoke of a cleansing issue for the Haitian people, the power of death.
He spoke of the restoration of the country's independence and love of the motherland, he also criticized those who plunder public funds for their own interests, but not in the interests of the people:

"The moment of truth has arrived, the hour of freedom is rung, we must reconquer our independence, we have to live as brothers and sisters, it's time for us to stop taking dictations, the people Haitian people of freedom and pride, it is we who must provide the solution to our problems my brothers and sisters…"

At the end of the Apostolic wedding he read a message from the pope: the pportunity of this event was according to a resolution adopted by the College of Bishops of Haiti, a Roman Catholic missionaries attempt to obtain the grace and favor of God for this people.

But for the church to obtain grace and favor it must be for the poor!

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