Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Abortion: Pro-choice vs. Pro-life

By Wadner Pierre
 Thirty-nine years ago the U.S. Supreme Court took a decision to legalize abortion nationwide. Roe vs. Wade as the Court decision named continues to divide the nation into pro-choice and pro-life.

After nearly four decades abortion has remained a sensible topic at the workd place, church and at school.
Karin Curley a mass communication senior at Loyola University New Orleans has a different approach on abortion. Her concern is about overpopulating of the world.
Curley says, “For me it’s an environmental choice because the world is so overpopulated. So why put another human being into this world?”
Whatever someone’s stand on abortion, it is clear that abortion will remain a sensible and polarizing topic amongst the U.S. citizens.
Abortion will also continue to shape the U.S. political landscape, particularly during the election period.

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