Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Orleans: Parades Kick-off

By Wadner Pierre
Parades are rolling in the streets of  New Orleans, although "Fat Tuesday" is two weeks away. “When the Saints go marching in” is being heard, beads are being thrown away.

The Mayor of New Orleans  Mitchell J. Landrieu invites people from all over the world to come to celebrate  carnival in his city.
the Mayor wrote "As Mayor of the great City of New Orleans, I invite you to visit our city to experience the excitement of Mardi Gras!"
A woman dancing with her umbrella on top of her head in a pre-carnival parade in the FrenchQuarter . Wadner Pierre
Photo byWadner Pierre

A member of Krewe da Max dances in FrencQuarter during the pre-carnival parade of the group organized.Wadner Pierre
Photo by Wadner Pierre

In New Orleans people parade anytime to have fun, drink and to celebrate a special occasion with friends.
David Cook, the founder of Krewe Da Max in Jefferson Parish organizes a pre-carnival parade each year to throw beads and have fun with friends.
He said, “ Work in the streets, throw some drinks, throw some beads, and spread the Mardi Gras joy.” Krewe Da Max is not a band, it  is rather a group of friends. Cook has been organized this parade for 18 years.
For Jennifer Jones, carnival is the spirit of New Orleans.
She said, “Fat Tuesday is the ultimatum of the epidemic of the New Orleans spirit. I mean, you’re leading up to it with all the creativity, frivolity, and the free spirit. And…you know laissez le bon temps rouler. ”
Carnival is one of the most popular celebrations in New Orleans. It attracts thousands of tourists from all over the U.S. and around the world. It helps to boost the New Orleans economy.
Carnival is the day prior to lent. Lent is the  holiest in the Catholic Churh. It is a forty-day penitential preparation before the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus-Christ.

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Anonymous said...

New Orleans is the greatest party place in the world!! I really miss it!
I went there last summer and it seemed like people drank 24/7, being from England we definitely fitted into the culture!!
I'm going back again next year, just booked my holiday with http://www.directline-holidays.co.uk/ so now just hyper to visit!